Kat (the_real_girlie) wrote in ucsd,

Don't Say I Didn't Warn Ya...

Effective May 31st June 2nd the following fees will be:

Transcript: $15
Verification: $10
Rush fee for transcripts and verifications: $20
Replacement diploma: $75

You don't have to pay for your initial diploma (or I should say it's included in all the tuition you paid), but if you ever lost it and need a new one, it's gonna be $75 a pop.

There's also a cheaper way to get your verification. Go to www.mystudentcenter.org. This website is a service provided by the National Student Clearinghouse (www.nationalstudentclearinghouse.org). Some of you may have heard of this company. It's basically a company contracted by UCSD to verify your enrollment status to your lenders. A lot of universities and lenders use this service and it is legit.

Ok, back to www.mystudentcenter.org. It's $2.50 per verification, but it can verify only your enrollment for only the past 18 months. It will also verify whether you are full time or part time. So, if you need something to show your enrollment beyond the previous 18 months, or the registration fees you paid (fees that are associated with enrolling; we can't verify what you spent at the Sunshine store...), or your GPA, or the number of units you completed, or your expected term of graduation, or your major, then you need the verification from UCSD.

Here are the website with the details...
Diplomas: http://www.ucsd.edu/current-students/academics/advising/degrees-diplomas/about-diplomas.html
Transcripts: http://www.ucsd.edu/current-students/academics/exams-grades-transcripts/transcripts-verifications/request-a-transcript.html
Verifications: http://www.ucsd.edu/current-students/academics/exams-grades-transcripts/transcripts-verifications/request-verification.html

The blurb about www.mystudentcenter.org will be added to the verification FAQ page... some time... soon-ish...

EDIT: I should say that other third party requestors, not just lenders, like prospective employers can also verify your enrollment through NSC. Basically, your enrollment at UCSD is public info (we will NEVER give them the classes you took and your grades, just your enrollment status). So, people who know your info (full name, DOB, SSN), such as a prospective employer or your parents, can verify your enrollment through NSC if they're willing to pay the fees for it. Don't think you can take a quarter off without your parents finding out!

EDIT 2: Date changed to June 2nd to conincide with new TritonLink publish date. Yes, TritonLink is getting a new look.
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