miss muneca (a_ms_story) wrote in ucsd,
miss muneca

 Hi! I applied to UCSD as a computer science major and I was offered a position on the waitlist (I'm a transfer). Before I accept my waitlist off, I wanted to find out more about UCSD (I really disliked waiting the first time around, I'm sure I'll hate it the second time around!) What is CS like at UCSD? How easy is it to get involved in undergraduate research? How easy is the coursework? Most importantly, CS majors at UCSD, are you enjoying your time there, and if you had to make the decision to attend UCSD for CS again, would you? 
Tags: course load, cse
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UCSD has one of the most rigorous cs programs. They've changed the undergrad requirements a lot since I started. If you plan your classes right then you will do fine as long as you don't take more than one project class. I honestly enjoy being a cs major at ucsd even though it's harder compared to other schools. I'm not too sure about undergrad research stuff, but the coursework does get harder when you get to upper div courses and I would definitely take cs again except I'd probably be more careful with what classes to take together in a quarter.
Granted, my experiences with UCSD's CSE program were ten years ago, so I'm sure some things have changed (I know for one they've updated some of the course requirements in ways that make me totally jealous of how much more practical the new classes are). But I would totally attend UCSD again for their CSE program, it is a really good program, and it definitely prepared me to get a career job right out of college without having to pursue advanced degrees (though, certainly a UCSD undergrad degree is great if you're planning to go on with more education). Some of the courses are somewhat challenging but they're definitely doable, makes you learn a lot, and the professors are totally accessible during their office hours and stuff if you need pointers or want to listen to smart kids ask good questions ;-). If you're interested in research, you should probably get to know a professor who does research in an area you are interested in. I can't say I remember anyone offhand that I knew who did undergraduate research, but that's not to say there weren't people who did or that it can't be done if that is something you have a passion for.
Hi! Thanks for your response. What type of job do you have now?
I'm between jobs right now because my hubby recently took a job that required relocation and opportunities locally are scarce. I keep getting recruiters from google and startups and stuff, but none of them have been trying to fill telecommute positions. But my last job (which was awesome) was at a larger startup doing blackberry and android app development for a mobile radio app. It was really fun and a nice change of pace to work at a smaller company with free healthy snacks :-). Before that I was a netbeans developer at sun microsystems...but with that oracle merger stuff pretty much that whole division was eliminated...and now facebook is taking over the building I used to work in...but there are a lot of directions you can go after you graduate...or even just for a summer internship.