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BOOKS FOR SALE!! Econ, Hum, Physics, Math, Comp Sci


I have a few books I want to get rid of before I graduate at the end of this year, so hopefully they will come to be helpful to you as they were for me.
I can take pictures if people want to see them. I can also do Campus meetup if you don't want me to ship it to you. I'm open to offers also. : D

Principles of Digital Design   -  Daniel D. Gajski
Used for CSE 140/L  with Alex Orailglu (spell check on the name).
This was a used book, but it's a hardcover edition. $65

Elementary Differential Equations   9th ed.   - William E. Boyce | Richard C. DiPrima
Used for MATH 20D Brand new book, had it for about 2 years and never used it. The envelope for the online resources access is still sealed. $65
Looks a little rough because of all the moving around it's been through.

Physics for Scientists and Engineers II ( and Solutions Manual) - UCSD custom edition  -- Richard Wolfson | Jay M. Pasachoff
Used for physics 2b   $20 for both

Strategy 2nd ed.  -- Joel Watson
Used for ECON 109 (Game Theory) $80
Cover is kind of shelf worn, but inside is excellent.

Principles of Economics 4th edition -- UCSD custom edition -- Ben Bernanke | Robert H. Frank - $50
Used for ECON 1, 3.

The Brief English Handbook  -- UCSD custom edition -- Edward A. Dornan | Charles D. Dawe
Used for HUM 2  (Revelle College) - $45
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Those are some really great books. If I may just ask, do you have some for thermodynamics like Fundamentals of Thermodynamics by Van Wylen & Sonntag?


August 1 2014, 13:45:32 UTC 2 years ago

Hello, is the Wolfson physics book still available?

Yes, I believe it is. Have to double check my boxes but I'm quite confident that it is.
Do you have a photo for reference so I can confirm it's the version you're looking for?


August 4 2014, 00:08:34 UTC 2 years ago

Umm, no I don't. But I'm pretty sure it's the right one. It's paperback, thin, and with a glossy cover, right? And it starts with the unit on waves??

I think I might have sold that one earlier this year alone.

Apologies on that.