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University of California, San Diego

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The "Unofficial" UCSD Community
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Community for students & alumni of the University of California, San Diego.

Do you wonder what's going on at UCSD? Want to share your opinion about what the best dining facility on campus is? Thinking of going greek but want the inside scoop? Wondering where to find the office of admissions or the nearest Walmart? Or maybe you just want to know if Physics 9 would be a good GE science class to take... You're in the right community.

If you're looking to buy or sell a textbook please post at ucsdbooktrade

Over and over people who are thinking about applying to UCSD turn here to ask us "what test scores/grades/etc. do you need to get in?" If that's what you want to know, consult a college guide, or the statistics kept by the admissions office. But if you want to know what UCSD is really like, and why we love it, you're in the right place--we can fill in the human side that the college viewbooks can't.

This community has a lot of people who read it, so we do ask that posts are at least somewhat on topic. What's on topic here? Posts "of greater interest to UCSD students and/or alumni than to the average community member".

First time posters:
Before you post, please check the memories for this community to see if the answer to your question already exists. Lots of people before you have had some of the same wonderful questions you have. You can also try to use the journal search tool to search archives of the community--it isn't perfect, but it works. Also, please use an LJ-cut when posting large images (eg. when totaling over 100KB) and/or longer entries, out of consideration for other community members.

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ucsdbooktrade - Buy or sell your used textbooks and chemistry clickers
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If you have specific questions in a particular area, you can also ask members of the QuickHelp team through e-mail.

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College Websites:
Revelle - Muir - Marshall - Warren - ERC - Sixth

All-Campus Resources:
UCSD - Office of Admissions - Studentlink - General Catalog - Course Homepages - Libraries - Financial Aid - Housing and Dining - Off-Campus Housing - Transportation & Parking - Career Services - Student Organizations - Associated Students

Other Online Communities:
SDUncensored - Facebook

The content contained in this community and the views expressed therein are solely those of the individuals posting such information. The views expressed here are not endorsed by nor represent those of UCSD, the University of California, the Regents of the University of California or their officers.
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