gunslnger (gunslnger) wrote in ucsd,

overheard on the shuttle

On the Campus Loop shuttle about 20 minutes ago:

A girl was already on the bus, in the row behind me. A guy got on and sat next to her. From the ensuing conversation, it's obvious that they knew each other.

She commented that he had been avoidant lately. He just said that he was sorry. She asked if it was something with her. He said no. She asked if he was ok. Yes, he's fine. Then they talked about Sun God for a couple minutes. Then she asked again what was up, as he hadn't even said hi to her at work the other day. He just said sorry again. So she asked the direct question, what was going on, what's the problem. There was a long pause, like around 7-8 seconds. Then he started some spiel about her saying that there was some other friend that she liked hanging around more and that he felt something something...

That's where I got off the shuttle, but it was pretty obvious where the story was going. It sounded like a classic case of the guy being a douchebag and the girl not seeing it. Out in the real world, she just would never have seen him again, since he obviously had already gotten what he wanted and moved on. Why do women not see this pattern?
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